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The Biennial of Architecture in Buenos Aires adds to its traditional academic organization, a global link space of particular importance in order to expand the network of links with the world's architects.

An International Committee represented by architects of recognized experience and knowledge such as Josep María Botey, Rinio Bruttomesso, Manuel Cuadra, Laureano Forero, Diane Gray and Handel Guayasamín, coordinated by Roberto Converti.

The Committee's task, besides being a valuable link to the updated information of the cultural movement of architecture that shall nourish our Biennial, also means a space of ideas and concepts for the contents to be presented this year during the 2015 meeting.

Events in addition to the traditional event of exhibitions, conferences and competitions as is usual, and thanks to the Biennial, every two years Buenos Aires becomes one of the main centers of international dissemination of architecture and urbanism.


Mario Corea

marioCoreaMario Corea Aiello was born in Rosario in 1939. In 1962 he graduated at the School of Architecture of the Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Rosario, and then he moved to Boston, where in 1964 he received the degree of Master of Architecture in Urban Design.


Rinio Bruttomesso

rinioNuevo• Architect and urban designer.
• Director of the Scientific Committee of RETE – International Association for the collaboration between Ports and Cities.
• Founder and director of Portus, the RETE biannual magazine (in 'paper' version, from 2001 to 2012 and since 2013, in digital version) and its annual online journal Portusplus.
• Former Assistant Professor of Urban Design at the Faculty of Architecture, IUAV University of Venice (Italy)(until 2007).
• Former Director of the International Centre Cities on Water (Città d’Acqua), Venice (1989-2013).


Manuel Cuadra

cuadraNewBorn in Lima, Architect and writer, Manuel Cuadra got a PhD at the University of Darmstadt in Germany and is Honorary Doctor at the National University of Engineering in Lima, Peru.


Laureano Forero

laureanoBorn in Medellin, Colombia  •   Honorary Degree in Architecture, National University of Colombia, Medellín section in 1962     •    Diploma of Technical Installations in buildings of the Polytechnic of Milan, Italy 1964  • Post-graduate degree in Educational Buildings Planning and Design, The Architectural Association, School of Architecture, London, England 1965 •


Josep María Botey

josepJosep Maria Botey Gomez was born in Granollers, Spain, and studied architecture at the School of Architecture of Barcelona. Together with the B.B.C. team, with whom he worked until 1984, projected the Museum of Granollers (1971) building and the remodeling of Ave Maria Maternity Pavilion of the Hospital of Barcelona, headquarters of the Department of Health of the Generalitat, work by which they have received several awards, such as the FAD of Barcelona and the Silver Adelpha of Madrid in 1983, and the "Conservation Award" of London in 1986.


Handel Guayasamin

guayasaminArchitect, Guayaquil, Ecuador (1951).

His work has been characterized by the contemporary reinterpretation of the architecture of the native peoples of America and by the inclusion of ethnographic and iconographic elements of these cultures.


Diane Gray

Diane Gray - EEUUDiane Gray is the coordinator of the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies van der Rohe Award and the curator of the collection of the Mies van der Rohe Foundation of Barcelona.


Coordinador: Roberto Converti

convertiEl Arquitecto Roberto Converti tiene especial y reconocida experiencia en temáticas de gestión de ciudad y proyecto urbano, reflejada en sus antecedentes de proyectos y actividades académicas nacionales e internacionales y su participación en las Instituciones y Asociaciones a las que actualmente pertenece: Comité de Expertos de la Asociación Internacional de Ciudades y Puertos, Comité Internacional Académico Rete Portus, Comité Internacional de Críticos de Arquitectura, Miembro de la Comisión Consultiva Permanente del Concejo Profesional de Arquitectura y Urbanismo y Director de la Bienal de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires.

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