Article in Alive Architecture magazine about Clorindo Testa

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The critic Manuel Cuadra has written a tribute article about the teacher Clorindo Testa in the latest edition of the prestigious Spanish magazine Arquitectura Viva.

The Biennial BA has several points in common with this article, as Architect Clorindo Testa has been a prestigious member of the CAYC and has provided some of the outstanding conferences of the Biennial. Architect Manuel Cuadra, who works in Germany, has been a speaker and juror of contests in recent editions of the Biennial, and has been also invited to participate this year.  In his article "Plastic restlessness, Clorindo Testa 1923 -2013" the prestigious critic Manuel Cuadra, born in Peru and now living in Germany, refers to his work with these concepts that have the sieve of an intellectual looking at architecture from a double  glazed American and European window: "Intensity, coherence and originality characterize the work of the great Argentine architect and artist .... Testa has the skill to translate life as was presented in Argentina in the twentieth century, into images and architecture, integrating themes, trends and issues both local and global. Great cultural independence, the result of dual American and European roots, the best Latin American cosmopolitan culture”.

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