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salaberry2Architect Carlos Sallaberry, togethe with Achitect Ecuatorio Handel Guayasamin, created the Latin American Biennial Networks.
Carlos Sallaberry, director of the Biennial, tells us in this article about the creation of this network.
Architect Carlos Sallaberry said:
I met Architect Handel Guayasamin on the occasion of the presentation of the book of his work in 2007.
The contact was done by the then Ambassador of Ecuador, who chose the School of Architecture of the University of Palermo, for its launch, and as Dean of said university, I had the honor to present and discuss his book and his work.

From that moment we have had an uninterrupted contact, which allowed the development of ideas designed to exploit mutual academic and professional experiences.

In July 2011, in Barcelona, we met again with another friend, Architect Josep Maria Botey, and during a Saturday morning we were visiting the Control Tower of the Port of Barcelona, a magnificent piece by our mutual friend, and works of Jose Luis Sert, those that you know if they are not from the hand of a sensitive Catalan, passionate about architecture, the idea of the Latin American Biennial of Architecture Network was born.

Architect Guayasamin Handel was already the President of the XVIII Biennial of Quito, and I was the Director of the XIII Buenos Aires; we knew about the effort involved in organizing an event of such nature, and knowing of the existence of Latin America Biennials, in Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, and other countries, the idea was born of how to capitalize and share these efforts.

We initially called Latin Biennials to those in Buenos Aires with the objective of ounding the Network but we did not get the expected results; however a year later in Quito, Ecuador, and with the support of the College of Architects of Quito, REDBAAL is created as part of the Biennial.

This Network of Latin American Biennials has, among its main objectives:

1. To promote the integration of all the Architecture Biennials of Latin American countries among themselves and with other world Architecture Biennials through the exchange of information, coordination of dates and dissemination of the biennials in the countries of the continent and the world.

2. To create, preserve and disseminate a digital file to update the Biennials of Architecture in Latin America, including the submitted and awarded projects, their lectures, presentations, etc.

3. To support the development of the Biennials of Architecture in Latin America, facilitating contacts, coordinating dates, managing resources and initiatives that enhance them.

4. To encourage interdisciplinary discussion of the most significant issues in the fields of architecture and urbanism in order to contribute to the solution of habitat problems in Latin American countries.

The BAAL Network is essentially a virtual on-line network with a permanent physical base at the College of Architects of Ecuador.

The BAAL Network will have its own website, and will be in connection with other virtual networks. In addition, the net will allow access to all colleagues in the world.

The charter of the BAAL Network, beyond the founding Biennials, the Biennial of Buenos Aires and Quito, those of Mexico and St. Paul, will be represented by architects Eduardo Augusto Alvarez and Rosetti, respectively.

This unique initiative will, from this space, create a forum for comment and discussion, not just to deal with what is happening in Latin America but also in the world.

This exchange will lead to discover common needs adapted to our particular culture that may help the joint proposals aimed at improving the quality of human life.

The rich material present at the Biennials, as from now, may be shared and exchanged from distance and will probably be a source of inspiration for other actions that may be carried out with the adhesion of other biennials.

Architect Handel Guayasamin and the College of Architects of Quito, together with architect Alberto Andino, have developed this initiative, in which we will work for its development and strengthening.

During this year, we will call a meeting of the Latin American Architecture Biennials, so that in September, and during the performance of the XIV Biennial of Buenos Aires, may join new Biennials that share our intentions and are willing to share the effort.

Para descargar el Acta Constitutiva de la Red BAAL, cliquee aquí

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